CuratOR LX3240-MR


32-inch monitor with 4K UHD resolution for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

  • Shielded against magnetic fields
  • Minimized impacts to magnetic fields
  • Luminance stability system
  • Color matched


MRI Compatibility

The LX3240-MR is built using special materials to minimize impact on magnetic fields and resonators. Furthermore the monitor is shielded against strong magnetic environments up to 100 mT, allowing it to be placed in proximity to an MRI scanner.

Perfect Picture Reproduction

The TFT panel used enables distortion-free image geometry, a very large viewing angle and high luminance. The monitor provides a flicker-free picture, even at low refresh rates for meeting even the strictest ergonomic requirements.

Constant Brightness

The LX3240-MR’s fully automated stability system keeps the brightness constant in accordance with medical standards such as DICOM or Gamma 2.2. The monitor is also equipped with an internal backlight sensor which ensures luminance stays consistent.

Flexible Connection Options

The LX3240-MR has flexible options to connect and display video sources, such as 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) and Full HD (1920 x 1080):
• DisplayPort 1.2 input
• DisplayPort 1.1 input (upscaling Full HD to UHD)
• Two HDMI connectors supporting DVI signals (upscaling Full HD to UHD)

Five Practice-Oriented Preset Modes

The LX3240-MR is calibrated at the factory with total of five practice-oriented preset modes available. This calibration data allows the monitor to be easily adapted to the respective application and local lighting conditions.
In addition, special application requests from service personnel on site can be taken into account, such as color adjustment or adapting to ambient brightness.
All presets are color matched, so the color impression remains consistent between each unit across all gray scale levels.

Work Safely with Minimal Picture Delay

Images are displayed on the screen in real time, so that the operating surgeon can see all processes directly and without delay on the monitor.

Instant Viewing

The built-in backlight sensor ensures that the screen brightness is quickly stabilized when the system is started, so that the image on the monitor is available within a short time.

Installation on a VESA Mount

Compliance with the VESA standard enables attachment to existing mounting accessories such as ceiling suspensions.

Customer Assurance with Medical Standards

The monitor meets the high requirements of itnernational medical safety and EMC standards.


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