DuraVision PT-LAN51

Remote Controlled Pan and Tilt Head

The DuraVision PT-LAN51 is an indoor head designed specifically for industrial applications. In conjunction with various devices, it enables the automatic or remote monitoring of factory lines and other areas to faciliate operational efficiency, quality control, and security.


Operation in a Range of Applications

The DuraVision PT-LAN51 is an indoor pan and tilt head that can be used to mount a variety of equipment such as video cameras and laser measuring instruments. It supports both ultra-high and ultra-low speed operation to support applications requiring high-precision and reliability. In conjunction with other devices, it enables the automatic monitoring of factory lines to facilitate operational efficiency, quality control, and security.

Application examples


Monitoring systems in production lines


Laser picking systems

Remote surveillance or robot integration

Camera systems for live events

Direct diagonal movement from point A to B

High-Precision, Discrete Movement

The PT-LAN51 uses a stepper motor for high-precision, discrete movement. It also enables point-to-point diagonal direct movement, which is typically difficult to achieve with a simple mechanism head.

Attachment to a Wide Range of Devices

The PT-LAN51 supports attachment to a wide range of devices weighing up to 1.5 kg* such as video cameras, FA cameras, infrared cameras, SLR cameras, floodlights, laser measuring instruments, directional antennas, and more. Furthermore, it can supply up to DC12V/1A power to mounted devices.

*Mounting support varies by device weight, shape, center of gravity, rotation speed, and other factors.

Flexible Positioning

The PT-LAN51 can be remotely controlled and supports pan and tilt movement with a maximum range of ±170° and ±174°, respectively. Pan and tilt movement can be locked at a specific angle to prevent interference with the housing or cables of mounted equipment. In addition, the direction of the pan and tilt rotation can be set to reverse for ceiling-mounted installations, such as for surveillance cameras.

Flexible mounting position

External Control

The PT-LAN51 supports external control via LAN or RS-232C. The head also comes with an IR remote control for intuitive operation.

Power Delivery without an Adapter

The PT-LAN51 is equipped with a PoE power input port so it stays powered without needed an external adapter and cable, keeping the installation area clear.

The PT-LAN51 remains in operation regardless of whether the power switch is on or off when power is supplied using PoE+.
DC output cannot supply power to a connected device while using PoE+.

Compact and Reliable

The head is designed to be compact, measuring 161 x 161.5 x 142 mm (W x H x D) and weighing just 2.5 kg. It complies with the VESA standard for reliable mounting in industrial environments. The PT-LAN51 is designed and manufactured entirely in-house at EIZO’s own factory to ensure high durability of moving parts.

External Command Support

A command list is also available for external control via end-user software.

Long-Term Reliability

The product is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for long-term reliability.

Our Contribution to SDGs

As part of its sustainability initiatives, EIZO is contributing towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

DuraVision offers a range of visual solutions for facilities that are indispensable to people’s daily lives such as hospitals, businesses, airports, factories, public transportation hubs, and many more. We support the uninterrupted continuation of security, industrial, and other activities with robust product build, manufacturer’s warranty, and after-sales services.

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Environmentally Conscious

Our products for industrial environments are designed to promote energy efficiency for reduced power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining the high performance and functionality needed for creators in every industry. We also implement a responsible after-service recycling system.

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Learn about the EIZO Group’s sustainability initiatives, strategies, and more in the latest Integrated Report.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Remote Control LAN, RS-232C, IR Remote
Power / PoE+ Input
Standard IEEE 802.3at Type2 (PoE+)
Power Voltage DC 42.5 V – 57 V
Maximum Power Consumption 25.5 W or less
Maximum Input Current Up to 0.6 A
Power / DC input
Power Voltage DC 12 V
Maximum Power Consumption 36 W or less
Maximum Input Current Up to 3.0 A
Power / DC Output
Power Voltage DC 12 V ± 10%
Maximum Output Current 1.0 A or less
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) 161 x 161.5 x 142 mm
Net Weight Approx. 2.5 kg
Hole Spacing 100 x 100 mm, M4, screw depth 4.0 – 20.0 mm
Tilt Rotation Range ±174˚ (factory default: ±30˚)
Tilt Rotation Speed 0.4˚ – 50˚/sec
Pan Rotation Range ±170˚ (factory default: ±170˚)
Pan Rotation Speed 0.4˚ – 50˚/sec
Mountable Equipment Weight 1.5 kg or less
Environmental Requirements
Operating Temperature -10 – 50 ˚C
Operating Humidity (R.H., no dew condensation) 10 – 90 %
Certifications & Standards (Please contact EIZO for the latest information.) CB, CE, UKCA, cTUVus, FCC-A, CAN ICES-3 (A), TUV/S, VCCI-A, RoHS, WEEE
Supplied Accessories (May vary by country. Please contact EIZO for details.) Remote control with battery (AAA x 2), User’s manual, Rubber sheet
Warranty 2 Years
Dimension Drawing PDF

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